The Scent of my skin

The Scent of my skin is a feminist poetry collection published by Palewell press. Featuring 70 poems from London, Libya, and Tunisia, it is the first book to be written in English by a Libyan woman. The book is divided into 5 sections, each passing by different parts of my journey.

The first section is called Foot traffic herbs, and speaks about self sacrifice, self abnegation, and the inequality between men and women.


The second section is titled Milk, and discusses how women are treated in Libya; encompassing the fleeting, minute details of conversation in Libya, as well as London.

The third section is called Coffee, and is inspired by things I saw in London's coffee shops; women in embrace, happiness, sadness; the maternal instinct of mothers grazing past adolescent girls- somehow intersecting; brought together by coffee.

The fourth section, titled Sugar, talks about happiness, the climactic excitement of growing into yourself and moving through time, slowly yet quickly at the same time, propelled by an assertiveness that could only come after triumph.

The last section is called Footpaths, and touches hands with "Foot traffic herbs", reminiscing the past, but recognising that whilst there is more work to be done, we have come so far as women, and we should be very proud of everything we represent.