It is often stated that language is the biggest signifier of culture. The way in which we speak, listen, and interact with people around us sets us apart from others. However, this can also unite people and surface shared emotions, thoughts, and feelings. To translate language is to seek to understand different cultures, and make otherness a familiar, intimate concept. Through subtitling a range of documentary and experimental films, it is hoped that the spaces between different parts and places in the world can be bridged; and that our stories can provoke, evoke, touch, and be understood.


STAYING WITH THE TROUBLE (dir. Alyona Larionova)

A hybrid documentary film that follows a Kazakh berkutchi (eagle-hunter) on his journey to tame his wild eagle, Sadak. The film draws upon the unique bond between the hunter and his eagle to provide a meditation on power relations in a world dealing with security crisis and accelerating hyperconnectivity. Oscillating between states of control and submission, berkutchi, Sadak, a judoist, and a border control officer, offer viewers their own bodily interpretations of the constantly shifting power scales.


FREEDOM FIELDS (dir. Naziha Arebi)

Filmed over five years, following three women and their football team in post-revolution Libya, as the country descends into civil war and the utopian hopes of the Arab Spring begin to fade. Through the eyes of these accidental activists, we see the reality of a country in transition, where the personal stories of love and aspirations collide with History.


AFTER A REVOLUTION (dir. Giovanni Buccomino)

Filmed over four years, an epic story of a brother and sister struggling to re-build their lives after fighting on opposite sides of the Libyan revolution. A close-up on the Libya’s traumatic course from rebellion, to elections, to the edge of civil war.